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Teaching excellence is a priority of the department and the faculty put maximum effort into their lectures and practical teaching. Classes include novel teaching aids like use of LCDs, White and black boards. Students are encouraged to improve their presentation and communication skills by seminars and minor projects.

Features :

• The department of pharmacology at JGCHS college of Pharmacy is well known the department is proud of its experienced teaching, non teaching faculty and instrumentation facilities available.

• The laboratory of pharmacology department is elegant with all safety measures. The laboratories provide facilities for the students to carry out all types of pharmacological Invivo and Invitro screening activities.

• A dedicated clinical pharmacology laboratory has also been developed to enhance the basic foundation for pharmacy students.

• The pharmacology laboratories are well equipped with instruments like

  • Actophotometer
  • Rotarod
  • Convulsiometer
  • Analgesiometer
  • Eddys hot plate
  • Kymograph
  • Oraganbath
  • Charts

• The laboratory trains the students to become experts in animal handling and technical skills.

• The laboratories of pharmacology have the facilities to train the students in all practical and theoretical aspects of pharmacology individually.

• The visual display system and instrumentation set up of the department instigates the students to do more research in pharmacology.

Pharmacology is the study of the effects of drugs on living organisms where a drug can be broadly defined as any chemical substance, natural or synthetic, which affects a biological system. Studies may involve gaining knowledge of the mechanism of drug action, drug toxicity, the use of drugs as tools to delineate biological processes during health and disease, identification and validation of new cellular targets for drug action, and the design and development of new drugs. Because of its scope, pharmacology is an inter-disciplinary science employing experimental approaches from many other scientific disciplines. Pharmacology is an expanding science: fundamental research in pharmacology has already contributed to major advances in the development of drugs to treat various diseases disorders. As we have come to understand more and more of how the body functions-and a great deal of this understanding stems from analysis of the action of drug-so new molecular targets have been uncovered for pharmacologists to aim.