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The Pharmacognosy Department in our college is well-equipped with the entire herbal specimens related to the syllabus of the students. We also have a Medicinal Plant Garden which is enriched with a variety of medicinal herbs. The laboratory is well-equipped with the prime requirements for herbal drug related experimentation.

Medicinal plant garden

An unique pot garden called created in 2017. It was conceived as part of the Pharmacy Curriculum to display live medicinal plants to students. The garden remains a visually informative and aesthetically appealing part of the campus.

Natural products have occupied a major part in curing different human aliments, since time immemorial; there has been a resurgence of interest on plant derived products as a major source of medicine.

Folk medicine, alterative systems of medicine are supporting guidelines in collective effort of pharmacognosy research and development. Natural product authentication, morphology and microscopy. This field of pharmacognosy is provides extraordinary knowledge about the herbal drugs identification and usage.