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In any academic Institution, the quality of faculty is the most important. We pride ourselves in having some of the most talented and dedicated thought leaders in the country who come from the best institutions from the India. Not only are they academically and professionally amongst the best, but have high standards of moral and ethical values, so that they can be true role models.

Overview :

The subject of pharmaceutical chemistry plays a major role in shaping a student into a true pharmacy professional. Though the profession has undergone tremendous changes and has registered great advancements in various branches of it, the importance of pharmaceutical chemistry in the curriculum of a pharmacy programme cannot be overemphasised. Every branch becomes invigorated when a new bioactive molecule is discovered. The diversity offered by the subject is amazing.

Pharmaceutical chemistry is a discipline at the intersection of chemistry and pharmacology involved in with design, synthesis and developing new chemical entities suitable to therapeutic use. It also includes the study of existing drugs, their biological properties, and their quantitative structure-activity relationships. Pharmaceutical chemistry is focused on quality aspects of medicines and aims to assure fitness and efficacy for medicinal products.